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What the initials stand for. American Tribal Style bellydance. Like it or not, it's the foundation for many other styles that consider themselves 'tribal'style.
This tribe is devoted to discussion of American Tribal Style Bellydance, as taught by Carolena Nericcio, founder of FatChanceBellyDance. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Slow move formation changes  topic
25 yard skirts....  topic
night club for fun  topic
shimmy and arms in a turn  topic
Makeup Inspiration and Info  topic
Just Wow!  topic
Turning the Wheel with Egytian Sev  topic
Devyani - Turkish Shimmy Cross  topic
Join us on our new forum!  topic
Veil Fans?  topic
Turkish Shimmy 1/4 turn after 1/2 turn ?  topic
Up2 Down3 Turns- Rules or General practices?  topic
Camel Walk  topic
Sevillanas?  topic
barrel pass in a duo.  topic
Dueling Duets--Quick Question About Cues  topic
Auburn/Roseville/Nevada City/Grass Valley Area?  topic
BSBD princess turn  topic
Omi and torso taxeem  topic
Shimmies. How many ATS shimmies are there?  topic
Anyone ever dance to Na MI Nazune ?  topic
"Singing"  topic
Chico  topic
Reverse Shimmy  topic
wearing Zils during slow songs...  topic

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